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Key Features

Our Practice Areas

We will passionately help in any of the following areas.

Family Law

-Decision Making and Parenting Time (Custody and Access)
-Child Support and Spousal Support
-Property Division
-Restraining Orders
-Marriage Contracts (prenuptial agreements, separation agreements)
-Fertility Law
-Collaborative Law and Mediation
-Independent Legal Advice

Criminal Law

-Sexual Offences
-Drug Offences
-Murder and Manslaughter
-DUI and other Driving Offences
-Failure to Comply
-Peace Bonds
-Mischief and Arson
-Tax Evasion
-Theft, Shoplifting, Robbery, Break and Enter
-Weapons Offences
-Youth Offences
-Private Prosecutions

Civil Litigation

-Small Claims Court
-Personal Injury
-Elder Abuse
-Medical Malpractice
-Breach of Contract
-False Imprisonment and False Arrest
-Assault and Battery
-Malicious Prosecution
-Wrongful Dismissal

Solicitor Work

-Powers of Attorney
-Real Estate Transactions
-Contract Review

Constitutional Litigation

-Charter of Rights and Freedoms Claims
-Federalism Disputes
-Human Rights Complaints
-Criminal Law Rights Violations


-Appeals in all of our practice areas
-Factum Writing
-Supreme Court Agency